Shipping to Spain

2009 March 16
by Frank

Being limited to the amount of baggage on my flight to Spain, the high excess baggage charges charged by the airline and the amount of stuff I want to take with me I have been researching how to send the things I cant take on the plane with me.

I looked at using one of the international movers that always advertise on the expatriate websites, but after receiving a few quotes from various companies decided that there must be a more cost effective way. I then stumbled across a number of excess baggage companies, all of which list provide free online quotations which I have listed below.

Excess Baggage Companies

Inter Parcel

Interparcel has a free online calculator, its not as easy as some others to use as you have to enter your parcel dimensions and weight. It does however get prices from DHL, CityLink and other UK courier services.


Deliver boxes and tape to your door, their boxes measure 565mm x 425mm x 360mm and hold a maximum of 30kg, they provide a free online pricing calculator. You can also send your own boxes with them and the online calculator will price these if you know the weight and measurements.


Easysending provide a “door to door” shipping service between the UK and Spain. They provide free packing boxes and other packing materials. Maximum weight per box 30kg, they also ship your own boxes, suitcases and travel bags. Delivery is between 3-4 days, online tracking and free storage for up to 4 weeks.

Wedelivertheworld/ Fast Lane International

Provide a free online calculator similar to Interparcel where you have to enter you parcel dimensions and weight. They partner with DHL, they also provide liability insurance and additional insurance can be purchased from them as they are FSA regulated.

If you do decide to send anything of significant value I recommend purchasing additional insurance, as well all know how the majority of couriers treat things.

I decided to book through the wedelivertheworld website using DHL with extra insurance, once I sent my things and have received them safely (or not) I will write a review on them.

If you have found any more good companies or have any personal experience please post a comment and I will add them to the list.

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