Researching living in Spain

2009 March 2

With most of the big stuff under control now I have decided to conduct some research on living in Spain and living in Madrid. Going on to Google and typing in living in Spain returns a whole bunch of websites,  some good and some not so good. The trouble I have found is that the majority of them are aimed at those who wish to relocate to the southern coastal regions of Spain. But this said I have come across a couple of really good websites with lots of really useful information on living in Spain which I have listed below for those that are interested.

living in Spain websites


Spainexpact is a website specifically aimed at people who want to and are living in Spain. It contains lots of useful information on business, finance, language, lifestyle etc…

Just Landed

Just Landed is a very useful website with lots of information about working, living and studying in Spain. It also contains a housing, jobs and classifieds section for Spain, the community area of the website is also useful as you can talk to people that are going through the same.

Ideal Spain

Ideal Spain claim to be the worlds largest guide to Spain. The have some helpful guides to moving to Spain and property in Spain.

I will post more useful websites on living in Spain as and when I come across them. Of course I have Maria as a resource as well as what to expect when I move to Madrid, although I feel I will be in for a big culture shock as I have never lived in a city. If anyone else has some recommended websites please post them below, once I have a good number I will create a links page.

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