Getting organised to move Madrid

2009 February 26
by Frank

Once I had decided that I was going to move to Madrid, I was like what do I do now? By this time it was mid January and I had the target of the 2nd week in April, Plenty of time I thought. I still had to work out my two month notice period which left just two weeks of free time. I set about writing a list of the things I needed to do before I left;

To Do List

  • Redecorate my flat and get ready to let it out, Including finding an letting agency and vetting potential tenants.
  • Let the water, gas and electricity companies know.
  • Cancel my phone contract
  • Cancel my TV and Broadband contract.
  • Notify the mortgage company that I was intending to let my flat out.
  • Arrange storage for some of my furniture
  • Talk my parents into adopting my dog, until he could join me.
  • Get my mail forwarded to my parents house.
  • Notify the council (council tax)
  • Arrange a bank account in Spain
  • Find a place to rent
  • Sell my car

It doesn’t seem very much to organise but trust me if you just have Saturdays and lunch times its a lot to get organised.

You may be thinking when looking for a job is not on the list, this was because I was fortunate to get a redundancy payout, which would be enough coupled with savings to last me a while as long as I didn’t go on a crazy spending spree.

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