The moving list

2009 February 27

The first thing I set to cross of my moving list was to notify the water, gas and electricity companies. Simply enough, I called and gave them a moving out date I just has to send them the meter readings the week before I was to move out. Next was the mobile, TV and Broadband contracts to cancel, I just had to give one months written notice, easy.

Then came the turn of the noose around my neck for the past few years, the mortgage. I called the mortgage company up and explained that I was planning on getting tenants in to rent as I was going to move to Madrid. This was not as straight forward as I though as by letting the property out I was going to break the original terms of my mortgage. I had to fill out some paperwork changing my mortgage to one that would allow me to rent it out.

Once the mortgage was sorted I could set about choosing an agency to let my flat out. I had three agencies come around, all of which were in agreement that I could ask for between 800 and 950 pounds per month, of which they would take between 7-10%. I didn’t like this, but I did not want the hassle of advertising for tenants myself or collecting rent.

Next up was the council, this was straight forward enough as I just gave them a moving date and supply the name and date of the next tenant moving in.

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