Living in Spain Blogs

2009 March 9
by Frank

last night I decided to have a look to see what other blogs I could find on people living in Madrid/ Spain. I could not find that many as lots had been started but not kept up to date, but here is what I could find;

Living in Spain Blogs

Madrid Man

Madrid man is a blog about an American living in Madrid, he writes on about many different categories, including food, money, travel, entertainment etc.. which give a good insight into¬† life in Madrid for an American. Particularly interesting was his entry, its all about the bag. MadridMan’s blog runs off the back of his website, which is all about places to go and see in Madrid and Spain.

Erik is an American living living in Spain, he live in northern Spain in the region of Cantabrian. Erik writes about many different subject from technology to his up and coming ventures of parenthood in Spain and general life abroad.

Being Here and There

is a blog about Eli, an American who teaches English in Toledo Spain and here life with her Spanish husband Jose. She has a great entry about learning to driving in Spain compared to the USA, click here to read her post on driving in Spain.

More blogs can be found on living in Spain at;

If anyone else is thinking of or is moving to Spain or already living in Spain it would be great to hear your experiences and findings.

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