Finding rental property in Madrid

2009 February 27

With the majority of things on my list dealt with I turned my focus to find a place to rent in Madrid. This by all means is not an easy task, but I had the advantage that Maria was already living in Madrid. We had decided that we would move in together when I moved to Madrid. This meant that Maria could go and view any flats we decided we like the look of.

I conducted all my research using the internet, there are a number of useful Spanish property websites which I have listed below for those interested.

Spanish property websites

Idealista is one of Spain’s leading property websites. You can search for property to rent, buy and share all over Spain. The website is available in English,  French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish


Enalquiler is Spanish property website that focuses specifically on rental property in Spain. Currently it is only available in Spanish.


Fotocasa is Spain’s number one property website. You can search for property to buy, rent or share all over Spain. The website is available in English.

There is two things you should be aware of if you plan on renting a flat in Spain in my experience, firstly unlike in the UK where you normally just supply one months rent as a deposit in Spain its not unheard of for a Landlord to ask for six month deposit up front. This can make renting an expensive initial outlay. Secondly don’t expect decor to be to your taste, most of the properties I have looked at although clean were in a poor state of repair and not well looked after.

Eventually we settled on a nice one bed furnished apartment close by to Plaza de España, for which we had to place three months deposit for.

If anyone reading this is planning on visiting the city in Spain that they are planning on moving to, then Just Landed do a great guide on looking for rental property.

Spanish property search guide

Just Landed – Spain Guide Housing & Rentals

Excellent guide on how to conduct research for property in Spain. Includes helpful topics such as getting started, where to look, appointments, contacts and contains a housing search glossary containing lots of useful phrases and words associated with finding a property in Spain.

Spain Guide: Housing & Rentals

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