My name is Frank I am a 27 year old Anglo-Dutchman originally from UK. This blog is about my upcoming move to Madrid, Spain and my life going forwards.

I have been a keen cyclist from a young age, cycling has taken me all over Europe to participate in competitions. I think it is because of this I have always had in my mind that I would live somewhere else other than the UK. This coupled with my mum’s side of the family all living in Holland, where I spent virtually every summer until I was eighteen and my summers while I was at university.

While in my final year at University I met Maria, who was on Erasamus from Spain. We have been together now for over four years. Over the last four years we have flying back and forward from the UK and Spain to see each other and spending our summer holidays in the south of Spain.

Recently I was given the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy due to an office relocation, at which point the decision was made to seek a new life in Madrid, Spain.